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Version 0.2.3: Updated highlighted marker for bike pumps

Red arrow isn’t so user-friendly. So the new highlighted marker for bike pumps is the bike pump marker with a red dot on it, like the auditoriums. The consistency is important.

Committed on Github, but not Market.

Version 0.2.2: Added libraries

Libraries are now present on the LUSites map. The list of Lund University Libraries was taken from the official site.

Committed on Github, but not published on Market.

Here is the coordinates of the libraries, their addresses and the CSV-file which is located in /res/raw/libraries_utf8.csv in the LUSites project.

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Version 0.2.1: Adjusted positions

Positions for Paln & Palnö at Palaestra and DC-Shö at IKDC have been adjusted.

It is committed on Github, but not published on Market.

Version 0.2.0: Swedish localization

Well, it is time to localize. The first language has been added: Swedish, of course. To localize is pretty simple in Android.

All you have to do is to create a new folder /res/values-xx where xx is the language code. sv is Swedish. In this folder create an xml file called strings.xml and copy all the content from /res/values/strings.xml.

Replace all the strings from your default language into the language you want to localize to. There is a graphical wizzard in Eclipse+Android for creating the right folder: Right click on your project → Android tools → Create a new Resource file → Choose Language → Follow your intution.

Version 0.1.9: Stable version

This version works good. There are only bike pumps and auditoriums. But you see when you tap on them, or you can search.

Published on Market and committed on Github.

Version 0.1.8: Cleaning code

Cleaned OverlayMediator.

Moved strings to /res/values/strings.xml

Solved the bug with disappearing OverlayItems. The actual reason was the caching of OverlayMediator object. The instance variable “activity” was the old one, and the getOverlays from the activity’s lusitesMap were old. So it couldn’t work.

The solution is to force OverlayMediator to renew its instance variable LUSitesActivity activity each time the static method getInstance is called:

public static OverlayMediator getInstance(Context context) {
if (singleton == null) {
singleton = new OverlayMediator();
singleton.setActivity((LUSitesActivity) context);
return singleton;

I also have started to use selectors in order to change Markers automatically.

This version is not published on Market, but committed on Github.

Version 0.1.7: Refactoring of OverlayMediator

OverlayController is actually more Mediator. It keeps track of current OverlayItem and triggers toggling of marker highlighting. In order to provide clear code the name has been changed to OverlayMediator. The singleton variable now is called singleton. And static method getOverlayController is now getInstance().

Commit details on Github:

Version 0.1.7 + Added OverlayMediator

Version 0.1.6: Hide keyboard after search

This version improves User Interface. After search you probably don’t want to see the keyboard which takes half a display. So now it is hiding after search. To do this I used a code provided androidguys:

InputMethodManager mgr = (InputMethodManager) getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
mgr.hideSoftInputFromWindow(findField.getWindowToken(), 0);

This version is not published at Market.

Commit details on Github.

Version 0.1.5 Bug solved

The bug where the highlighting of current item didn’t work is now solved.

In this version the LUSiteOverlayItem has been implemented. toggleHighlight(), @override Drawable getMarker() have been added.

This version is published to the Market.

Version 0.1.4: Refactoring

In this version the code has been refactored. The new subclass of OverlayItem was added: LUSiteOverlayItem. It has not been published to Android Market.

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