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JQuery 2.0 – Notes About the Official Release

jQuery 2.0 leaves behind the older Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 browsers. In return it is smaller, faster.

Justin Cooney

The latest news coming from the world of jQuery is the official release of jQuery 2.0.

The new  jQuery 2.x library is a significantly smaller file size than the jQuery 1.x series of libraries, but the 2.0 library does not support versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 9.

For the foreseeable future, the makers of jQuery plan to run two separate lines of the jQuery library:

  1. The jQuery 1.x library will continue to be developed for years to come and will support older browser versions.
  2. On the other hand, the jQuery 2.x library will support newer browsers and will offer both a smaller file size, and likely modern features that older browsers can not support.

Note: Have a look at this series of articles covering jQuery if you find this post interesting and want to read more about the subject.

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SQL Server delete backup history

Exactly what I needed today.

use msdb
sp_delete_backuphistory '2013-01-30'

See more details on sp_delete_backuphistory stored procedure on msdn

Great stuff. I would like to try it out, too.


I’ve been using PowerShell for quite a while now, as you may have gathered from some of my previous posts. 🙂 However, I have yet to really dig into PowerShell Web Access (PSWA) with Windows Server 2012. That is, until today.

I have been slowly getting my VM environment up to par on my new Focal Point Solutions laptop, and the last piece that I was hoping to try was PSWA with SP2013. I assumed this would work, but in a few Google searches I had yet to find anyone who had shown any screenshots of this working – so I decided to be that guy.

In the screenshots below, I am running PSWA from Google Chrome on my host (Windows 8) – connecting to a VM running on my local Hyper-V instance. The VM is SP2013 connected to another VM for a domain controller. I’ve got Hyper-V networking set up so that all of…

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I am impressed. An excelent example of the power of JavaScript and the SharePoint client object model

Interesting article ön awesome topic: remote web deploy

Johan Leino


The picture above is meant to illustrate a pretty common scenario in most deployment situations.
You’re working for company X and there you have local build server. Your hosting environment/s (Test|QA|xxx) are located on another network that has no (or limited) knowledge of your company network.
If you would like to use web deploy to push/deploy from your build server to the offsite environment you need a way to setup web deploy to support remote execution correctly. This post is meant to show you how to accomplish just that.

Microsoft describes two basic ideas for using web deploy remotely; Web Deployment Agent Service and Web Management Service Handler (WMsvc).

Web Deployment Agent Service

The Web Deployment Agent service can be used only by administrators.

The main idea about this approach is that a user that is administrator on those two machines (wfe1 and wfe2) can from…

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The best comparison of SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint 2013 Standard and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise.


Did you ever see such a pretty table before..? Which one to pick?? This has to be one of the harder choices in Life…

threegoodthingsx(Sugarrush central at Newark Liberty International Airport – New Jersey)

Last Updated 2013-10-08, ‘search connector framework’, ‘on-premises search index’ and ‘tunable relevancy’ – source:Search (thanks to Mattias Brunnert)

The feature list of SharePoint gets longer and longer, richer and richer, this is the (as far as I know) complete list of features in the three different versions of SharePoint 2013 on-premise (not SharePoint online): SharePoint Foundation 2013| SharePoint Server 2013 Standard Edition| SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition. To save you all a few ‘swipes’ or ‘rolls’ on the old mouse wheel, I have also added a menu here at the top, click on any of the focus areas to jump right in.

Office365logo Find the post: the Office 365 feature comparison chart all…

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 54,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 12 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

json error handling in SharePoint WCF Services

Anyone who has tried this in a SharePoint WCF Service?

Zulfiqar's weblog

WebHttpBinding is the non-SOAP binding shipped with .net Framework 3.5. This binding along with WebHttpBehavior will be your friend for REST, POX & AJAX scenarios.

When you expose an endpoint using WebHttpBinding the default error handling mechanism is overridden by a custom error handler added by the WebHttpBehavior. Now if you throw a FaultException from your methods – this handler will simply swallow your exception and will generate a generic 400 Bad Request error message. It will do the same for non-fault exceptions. The reason for this change is that in the SOAP world, Faults have a well known wire representation and based on that your FaultException is translated into a SOAP fault message. There is no such wire representation for the faults in REST or AJAX scenarios. If you own both sides (client & service) of the solution, you might want to customize this default WCF behavior. For example…

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Notify when your powershell script needs to be paid attention.


During my presentation at the Dogfood Conference in Columbus Ohio this morning, there was a lot of interest about the balloon tips that popped up during my script execution. I thought I would do a quick post to share this, as I recently saw it on my daily PowerTip email and loved it enough to incorporate it into my “Build Your SharePoint Internet Presence with PowerShell” demonstration.

It’s pretty much as simple as creating a new System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon object and then setting some properties and calling the ShowBalloonTip() method.

Here’s my version of it, which I created as a function so I could call it like a Cmdlet:

Here’s how you run it:

And here’s what it looks like:

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En fantastisk guide om innehållstyppublicering. Gäller sp 13 och sp10.


Jag gillar innehållstyper, ja sån är jag. Men ärligt tog det mig ett bra tag att verkligen förstå vad det var och vad man skulle ha dem till. Jajaja det är något man har för att t.ex. kategorisera dokument i SharePoint och utifrån det kan man koppla till webbplatskolumner, arbetsflöden m.m. Skitbra, men vad ska man ha dem till, egentligen?

Som vanligt när jag stöter på något som kan kännas lite luddigt att förstå och även förklara för andra så försöker jag hitta liknelser i vanliga livet. Det gör att man lättare känner igen sig och slipper tänka “data” vilket oftast underlättar, att få en ny vinkling. Den största anledningen till att innehållstyper inte används eller slutar att användas i dokumenthanteringen i SharePoint tror jag helt enkelt beror på att ingen förklarat för dem hur smidigt det faktiskt är att använda dem.

Nåja, nu tänkte jag inte förklara begreppet Innehållstyper…

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