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Switch back to Modern UI

Just a little tip. When you switched to a Classic View of Site Contents, you can switch back by removing a cookie called “splnu”.

Updating hover style in IE8 Developer Tools

In our project we still have to support Internet Explorer 8. The CSS issues in IE8 are most difficult to debug and solve. You can not add a new rule in Developer Tools or toggle the state of an element to hover as in moder web browser dev tools.

One solution that I’ve come up to today, is to add a style with javascript or jQuery, open the script pane in IE8 Dev Tools and add this line:

$('<style>.ms-srch-item:hover {filter:none !important;}</style>')

This will fill update the hover effect of the .ms-srch-item directly.



That’s it, just a little tip.

TypeScript in SharePoint

By now TypeScript shouldn’t be something one has to introduce.

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

If you haven’t already done it, go and see the intro video for TypeScript, check out a tutorial and visit the typescript playground. There are other javascript libraries which extend javascript and are compatible/compile to javascript: Dart and CoffeeScript. To be honest I had never time to try those. The fact that TypeScript is well integrated into Visual Studio which I happen to work within all the days (intellisense, compilation checks and more) did me curious.

This post is actually not about TypeScript itself, but a test to use it in SharePoint. In this short “lab” I even had Web Essentials 2012 which automatically compile typescript files into plain javascript files on save.

This is what I did:

Install TypeScript and Web Essentials 2012

Create a SharePoint-hosted app:

Create a new TypeScript file in the autogenerated “Scripts”-module and call it “Greeter.ts”

Just save the file as it is. The new file is created: Greeter.js

Now we don’t need to copy this file to the app, so remove Greeter.ts from the Elements.xml file (or comment it out):

Open the Default.aspx from the Pages module and add the reference to the new javascript file:

<script src="../Scripts/Greeter.js"></script>

Then deploy your app. Once it is deployed we can see in the dev tools that our code is there:

Minifying the files…

Another tip is to minify the autogenerated javascript file. Right-click on the file -> Web Essentials -> Minify the files.

This will generate the Greeter.min.js file:

Paging with JSOM

If there are many list items you try retrieve with javascript object model,paging could be very useful. Today I came across a wonderful blog post series about javascript object model in SharePoint: The SharePoint javascript object model – Resources and Real World Examples posted by David Mann and published on Aptilon Blog.

There is an example how to achieve paging with JSOM. The key is items.get_listItemCollectionPosition() and query.set_listItemCollectionPosition()

I have refactored David’s example to avoid global variables and to put into a module. Here is it. If you have a Tasks list in your site with many items, just hit F12 to open the console and paste this and see the result:

(function(SP) {
      ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current(),
      list = ctx.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle('Tasks'),
      view = '<View><ViewFields><FieldRef Name="Title"/></ViewFields><RowLimit>10</RowLimit></View>',
      query = new SP.CamlQuery(),
      init = function() {
      loadChunks = function() {
         items = list.getItems(query);
         ctx.executeQueryAsync(success, error);
      success = function() {
         console.log("\nFound Matching Items! ");
         enumerator = items.getEnumerator();
         while(enumerator.moveNext()) {
            console.log("Title: " + enumerator.get_current().get_item("Title") );
         position = items.get_listItemCollectionPosition();
         //when there are no items position is null
         position && loadChunks();
      error = function(sender, args) {
         console.log('Request failed. Error: ' + args.get_message() + '. StackTrace: ' + args.get_stackTrace());


Enable Save in IE9 mode

Wouldn’t it be nice to use html5 and css3 in SharePoint? No problems, there is actually v5 master out there, created by Kyle Schaefer. Or just use h5ml5 and css3 right away in your webparts and pages. But there is a big problem. It doesn’t work in IE9–. One of the issues (even listed by Kyle) is that “save” doesn’t work in modal dialogs where Rich Text Editor is used. Especialy it is for modal dialogs.

The problem is not IE9, neither html5 and css3. After some digging in javascript code which is shipped with SharePoint I found out that the problem is some legacy javascript code which is not supported by IE9 but in IE8– (and compatibility mode).

When we set IE9 mode in IE9 Dev Tools (F12) and go to Tasks list and try to create a task, we’ll get an error:

It is RTE_GetEditorIFrame from init.js:

function RTE_GetEditorIFrame(strBaseElementID)
	var ifmEditor=null;
	var doc=document;
	if ((null !=doc.frames) && (doc.frames.length==0) && (doc.parentWindow.parent !=null))
	if ((null !=doc.frames) && (doc.frames.length > 0))
		var ifmContainer=doc.getElementById(RTE_GetEditorIFrameID(strBaseElementID));
		if (ifmContainer !=null)
	return ifmEditor;

So it is document.frames(“…”), not the usual document.frames[“…”]. What is that VB-style about?

Okay, the reason why this error isn’t raised in other browsers is just because this weird code isn’t run (Try to set break point there in Chrome or Firefox). And that’s why you never see Rich Text Editor toolbar in EditForm.aspx in Chrome and Firefox. To prove this, try to remove the Rich Text Column in your list. Then you can use “Save” button again, with IE9 mode!

Now we know the reason. How can we solve it. To do so we must find out where javascript defines whether to run or not Rich Text Editor toolbar.

First RTE_GetEditorIframe is invoked by RTE_ConvertTextAreaToRichEdit which is invoked by an inline script directly from NewForm.aspx:

if (browseris.ie5up 
  && (browseris.win32 || browseris.win64bit) 
    && !IsAccessibilityFeatureEnabled()){
      , true, false, "", "1044", null, true, null, null, null
        ,"Compatible", "\u002ft001",null,null,null,null);
  document.write(" <br /><span class=\"ms-formdescription\"><a href='javascript:HelpWindowKey(\"nsrichtext\")'>Klikk her for hjelp med å legge til grunnleggende HTML-formatering.</a></span> <br />");

So there it is where the fishy code is invoked. Okay how can we intervene here to enable Save button? All solutions are based on disabling the bad code which is used to “convert” textarea to RichEdit.

1. Solution number one override RTE_ConvertTextAreaToRichEdit, just in style:

function RTE_ConvertTextAreaToRichEdit() {};

2. Solution number two: override IsAccessibilityFeatureEnabled, or this one:

function SetIsAccessibilityFeatureEnabled(f)
	if (f)
	var hiddenAnchor=document.getElementById("HiddenAnchor");
	var event;
	if (
		event={ "srcElement" : hiddenAnchor , "fakeEvent" : 1, "enableStatus" : f};
		event={ "target" : hiddenAnchor , "fakeEvent" : 1, "enableStatus" : f};
	if (hiddenAnchor==null || hiddenAnchor.onclick==null)

So to fool Accessibility, just set your own cookie: document.cookie=”WSS_AccessibilityFeature=true;path=/;”. But: don’t do that. It is really bad idea. Many features will stop working.

3. Solution number three is to override browseris. browseris is a browser which holds the information about the browser, simple. Here is how it is defined in init.js:

function Browseris () {ULSA13:;
	var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
	if (agt)
		var stOSVer=agt.substring(agt.indexOf("windows ")+11);
	this.nav=((agt.indexOf('mozilla')!=-1)&&((agt.indexOf('spoofer')==-1) && (agt.indexOf('compatible')==-1)));
	this.nav6=this.nav && (this.major==5);
	this.nav6up=this.nav && (this.major >=5);
	if (this.nav6up)
		var navIdx=agt.indexOf("netscape/");
		if (navIdx >=0 )
			this.nav7up=parseInt(agt.substring(navIdx+9)) >=7;
	}"msie")!=-1); && agt.indexOf(" aol ")!=-1;
	if (
		var stIEVer=agt.substring(agt.indexOf("msie ")+5);
		this.iever=0; && (this.major >=4); && (this.iever >=5); && (this.verIEFull >=5.5); && (this.iever >=6); && (this.iever =7); && document.documentMode && (document.documentMode==8);
	this.winnt=((agt.indexOf("winnt")!=-1)||(agt.indexOf("windows nt")!=-1));
	this.win32=((this.major >=4) && (navigator.platform=="Win32")) ||
		(agt.indexOf("win32")!=-1) || (agt.indexOf("32bit")!=-1);
	this.win64bit=(agt.indexOf("win64")!=-1); || this.win32 || this.win64bit;
	if (this.safari && this.major >=5)
		var navIdx=agt.indexOf("webkit/");
		if (navIdx >=0)
			this.safari125up=parseInt(agt.substring(navIdx+7)) >=125;
		var verIdx=agt.indexOf("version/");
		if (verIdx >=0)
	            this.safari3up=parseInt(agt.substring(verIdx+8)) >=3;
	this.firefox=this.nav && (agt.indexOf("firefox") !=-1);
	if (this.firefox && this.major >=5)
	    var ffVerIdx=agt.indexOf("firefox/");
	    if (ffVerIdx >=0)
		var firefoxVStr=agt.substring(ffVerIdx+8);
	        this.firefox3up=parseInt(firefoxVStr) >=3;
		this.firefox36up=parseFloat(firefoxVStr) >=3.6;
var browseris=new Browseris();
var bis=browseris;

So to fool this, just set:

 var browseris = {};

But you have to do it after init.js, so wrap into ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded:

ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function() { 
  var browseris = {}; 
}, "init.js");

After that you can press Save button. You’ll lose the Rich Text Editor, but you’ll have the nice features from CSS3.

DISCLAIMER: It is just an exploration lab. There is no warranty that it will work across the whole site. Don’t ever do such things things at home!

css3 fixers

If you just want to use css3 in your design and still use team functionality, take a look on, jQuery.corner or iecss3.


Update 2015-09-16 Other Related Issues

Recently me and my colleague had to fix this issue again in SharePoint 2010. What we found was failing select elements (Choice field or Lookup field) in forms. There are some js functions that do not run in other web browsers rather than in IE in IE9 mode. All fail because of the inability of getting custom html element attributes.

//This is an override of FilterChoice (in core.js)
//We override this line: var strOpts=ctrl.choices; -> var strOpts=ctrl.getAttribute("choices");
//The reason is that this does not work in IE9 mode
//Don't forget this workaround. It might lead to other problems
function FilterChoice_new(opt, ctrl, strVal, filterVal) {
   var i;
   var cOpt=0;
   var bSelected=false;
   var strHtml="";
   var strMatch="";
   var strMatchVal="";
   var strOpts=ctrl.getAttribute("choices"); //THIS ONE
   var rgopt=strOpts.split("|");
   var x=AbsLeft(ctrl);
   var y=AbsTop(ctrl)+ctrl.offsetHeight;
   var elmWorkspace=document.getElementById("s4-workspace");
                                y -=AbsTop(elmWorkspace);
   var strHidden=ctrl.optHid;
   var iMac=rgopt.length - 1;
   var iMatch=-1;
   var unlimitedLength=false;
   var strSelectedLower="";
   if (opt !=null && opt.selectedIndex >=0)
   for (i=0; i < rgopt.length; i=i+2)
      var strOpt=rgopt[i];
      while (i < iMac - 1 && rgopt[i+1].length==0)
         if (i < iMac - 1)
      var strValue=rgopt[i+1];
      var strLowerOpt=strOpt.toLocaleLowerCase();
      var strLowerVal=strVal.toLocaleLowerCase();
      if (filterVal.length !=0)
      if (strLowerOpt.indexOf(strLowerVal)==0)
         var strLowerFilterVal=filterVal.toLocaleLowerCase();
         if ((strLowerFilterVal.length !=0) && (strLowerOpt.indexOf(strLowerFilterVal)==0) && (strMatch.length==0))
         if (strLowerOpt.length > 20)
         if (!bSelected || strLowerOpt==strSelectedLower)
            strHtml+="<option selected value=\""+strValue+"\">"+STSHtmlEncode(strOpt)+"</option>";
            strHtml+="<option value=\""+strValue+"\">"+STSHtmlEncode(strOpt)+"</option>";
   var strHandler=" ondblclick=\"HandleOptDblClick()\" onkeydown=\"HandleOptKeyDown()\"";
   var strOptHtml="";
   if (unlimitedLength)
      strOptHtml="<select tabIndex=\"-1\" ctrl=\"""\" name=\""+strName+"\" id=\""+strId+"\""+strHandler;
      strOptHtml="<select class=\"ms-lookuptypeindropdown\" tabIndex=\"-1\" ctrl=\"""\" name=\""+strName+"\" id=\""+strId+"\""+strHandler;
   if (cOpt==0)
      strOptHtml+=" style=\"display:none;position:absolute;z-index:2;left:" + x 
        + "px;top:" + y + "px\" onfocusout=\"OptLoseFocus(this)\"></select>";
      strOptHtml+=" style=\"position:absolute;z-index:2;left:"+x+"px;top:"+y+" size=\""
        +(cOpt <=8 ? cOpt : 8)+"\""+ (cOpt==1 ? "multiple=\"true\"" : "")
        + " onfocusout=\"OptLoseFocus(this)\">"+  strHtml + "</select>";
   var hid=document.getElementById(strHidden);
   if (iMatch !=0 || rgopt[1] !="0" )
   if (iMatch !=0 || rgopt[1] !="0" )
      return strMatch;
   else return "";
function SetCtrlMatch_new(ctrl, opt) {
  //ctrl.getAttribute("optHid") instead of ctrl.optHid
  var hid=document.getElementById(ctrl.getAttribute("optHid"));
  if (hid.value !=0)

function HandleOptDblClick_new() {
  var opt=event.srcElement;
  //opt.getAttribute("ctrl") instead of opt.ctrl
  var ctrl=document.getElementById(opt.getAttribute("ctrl"));
  _SetCtrlFromOpt(ctrl, opt);
  SetCtrlMatch(ctrl, opt);"none";

function _SetCtrlFromOpt_new(ctrl, opt) {
  var hidId = ctrl.getAttribute("optHid");
  if (!hidId) { return; }
  //ctrl.getAttribute("optHid") instead of ctrl.optHid
  var hid=document.getElementById(ctrl.getAttribute("optHid"));
  if (opt.options[opt.selectedIndex].value==0)

function HandleOptKeyDown_new() {
  var opt=event.srcElement;
  //opt.getAttribute("ctrl") instead of opt.ctrl
  var ctrl=document.getElementById(opt.getAttribute("ctrl"));
  var key=event.keyCode;
  switch (key)
  case 13:
  case 9:
    _SetCtrlFromOpt(ctrl, opt)

ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function() {
  FilterChoice = FilterChoice_new;
  SetCtrlMatch = SetCtrlMatch_new;
  HandleOptDblClick = HandleOptDblClick_new;
  _SetCtrlFromOpt = _SetCtrlFromOpt_new;
  HandleOptKeyDown = HandleOptKeyDown_new;
}, "core.js");


Save an excel sheet as a clean table

To save an excel sheet as a html table is very easy. Just select the needed area, then go to Save as and check the selection and choose html as output format.

It works fine. It even looks like it did in Excel. But what if you don’t want all this junk, you want only the plain html table (e.g. for pasting into WP). When I saved my permission levels to html, I used this javascript code. First open the html page which Excel has created in Chrome, open the Dev Tools console, load the latest jQuery into the page, and remove all unnecessary attributes and styling, remove the comments, after that you can just copy the outerHTML of the table and paste into a text editor:

var script = document.createElement("script");

//wait a second, then run the remainder

var $table = $("table");
var table = $table.get(0);
for (var i = table.attributes.length-1; i >= 0; i--) {
$("tr, td").removeAttr("class").removeAttr("height").removeAttr("height").removeAttr("style");
$table.contents().each(function() {
	if(this.nodeType == 8) {
//dev tools command:copy

Autocomplete för sökruta i Sharepoint

Ett mycket trevligt projekt: Search As You Type på Codeplex. Ladda ner textfilen och lägg till javascript och css från den filen till masterpage. Så enkelt är det. Jag har testat det genom att direkt stoppa in koden i Chrome Console.

Ladda jQuery dynamiskt till din sida

Vill du ändra innehåll, testa olika javascript-funktioner på din sida, prova något direkt i webbläsaren (utan att behöva deploya om), så är DevTools i Chrome, eller Firebug i Firefox väldigt bra verktyg. Om du har jQuery på din sida, så är det ännu bättre. Men om du inte har det, så ladda det i efterhand genom att öppna konsolen (Ctrl-Shift-J i Chrome) och kör följande rader kod (klistra in dem på en gång, och tryck på Enter):

var script = document.createElement("script");

Ctrl-Shift-J is the shit

devtools i google chrome underlättar så enormt. Lägg Ctrl-Shift-J på minnet. För då kommer du direkt till konsolen i devtools och kan testa.

Felsök på clientsidan med Chrome DevTools

Här är en väldigt bra video som berättar om nya devtools i Google Chrome 10. Den visar 12 tricks hur man kan underlätta felsökning av html, css och javascript.

Att kunna ändra html,css och js on-the-fly är faktiskt häftigt. För mig som länge har använt Firebug i Firefox (som nu inte funkar på FF4 RC) känns devtools väldigt bra.

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