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Re-discovering Github

Github has changed a lot. While working mostly in Azure DevOps I haven’t followed all the development on Github. Now when I look at that, I am really amazed.

Private Repos for Free accounts

Well, for me it is not as interesting, because with my free account, I don’t see any harm having my labs public. But I know, some people used bitbucket for their smaller private repos.

Github Project

I suppose it is the Azure DevOps Project concept that was copied to Github, a place for planning and having multiple connected repos.

Github CLI

For me the Github CLI is the best news. Being able, from command line, not only to git stuff, but also see and create issues, manage pull requests, repos, releases. That means more automation. I like it.

Also being able to work with gists is nice.

main instead of master

That’s brand new. The word “master” is offensive to some people. (sources: Github, statement, zdnet).

So my test repo is one of the first ones that gets “main” as its main branch. Well, that’s not wrong at all. It connects it back to the olden days of TFS, too 🙂

Load git into PowerShell

Just a little productivity tip. If you use git on Windows, you probably already have the Github for Windows application. This application adds the Git Shell:


The Git Shell will open a PowerShell window and execute shell.ps1 from the Github directory:


What it won’t do is to load your personal PowerShell profile. I want to use my PowerShell profile that creates some links and adjust the look-and-feel and the promt of the shell. By the way I have published my profile.ps1 as a gist:

I also want to have git in PowerShell available directly. The answer is in the shell.ps1 in the Github folder:


So add this line to your profile.ps1 as I did:

. (Resolve-Path "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\GitHub\shell.ps1")

That’s it. If you haven’t seen the “DOT” in PowerShell scripts, it is called dot sourcing, it will execute the script and keep all the variables and references within the script.

An alternative

If you do not have Github for Windows, there is another way to load git functionality into PowerShell:

.tfignore – “.gitignore” for TFS

I haven’t used TFS so much. But I like it so far. It works smoothly, both TFS 2012 (on premises) and TFS Preview (online). I really appreciate that Microsoft has been inspired from git – the world’s best VCS :). For example .tfignore which works exactly like the .gitignore file. It is nice that the non-classic Microsoft dot notation convention for naming the hidden files is chosen.  So if you have any files to ignore just do it like you did in your git projects. Here is a .tfignore which I use in my SharePoint project for now. I suppose it will be extended soon:

# Ignore Reshaprer files
# Ignore published wsp outputs

Put .tfignore file in the root of your TFS Project. You can of course, let VS2012 create it automatically in the VS2012

.gitignore for .net

At appharbor there is a simple .gitignore file for .net applications. If you use Resharper, you may find the extended version of .gitignore useful. A most comprehensive .gitignore can be found on gitextensions website. (Thanks to Vasiliy Aksyonov for the comment):

#ignore thumbnails created by windows
#Ignore files build by Visual Studio

If git tracks some files you don’t want it to track, just remove these files from the git repo:

git rm --cached file

Next: “.gitignore” for TFS: .tfignore

Team Explorer


Until now I have only worked with svn and git. So I am very curious about the Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer which all talk much about. The best thing is the integration with the issue tracking. I can see all work item, or just my work items.

Another fine feature, at leat if you use codeplex, is the Team Explorer Everywhere.

The Team Explorer Everywhere client works on Windows, Linux, Mac, or Solaris. It provides a command line client and plug-in for Eclipse to access Team Foundation Server. For information on obtaining the client and connecting to the Team Foundation Server please read the Team Explorer Everywhere Client wiki page. You will need the information on the right to connect to the Team Foundation Server in Team Explorer Everywhere.

.gitignore for android

.gitignore is very important. This file tells git which files not to care about. I found a good template for android .gitignore:


The only thing I have added is the last row: .classpath.

Good beginners’ tutorial on android, eclipse and git

Smashing magazine has a pretty good tutorial how to start programming for android using git, github, eclipse and datastorage. I recommend:

Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse, Reloaded

Set up the Lusites development environment

There is a very good wiki page which describes how to set up the environment. If you think something is missing there, just leave a comment here. Much of that was inspired by a useful tutorial from

Update from git

So if you have an existing copy of the project, just type:

git pull origin master

Or in Egit in Eclipse, right-click on repo and run “Fetch from upstream”.

New files in Eclipse

If there are new classes or files in the project (say you have got the latest version from github into existing workspace in Eclipse). In order for Eclipse to see them, right click on the package and press “Refresh”.

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