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Toastr.js and SharePoint

Have you used SharePoint javascript Notifications (SP.UI.Notify)? Are you looking for something new and fresh? Well then check out the Toastr.js – a simple, beautiful, fully responsive and light-weight javascript lib for notifications, developed by John Papa and Hans Fjällemark and released under the MIT License.

By the way, toastr was one of many things I discovered and learned on John Papa’s online course by pluralsight: Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API, Knockout and jQuery. It is a really awesome course, where you learn how to create an amazing SPA.

Well, how’s about SharePoint. While whatching the course videos about toastr, I thought: Can we use it in SharePoint? Yes we can!

Just load the toastr css and js and start using it:

toastr.success("Data has been saved successfully!", "Looks very nice")


The easiest way to get the toastr in your project is to install the toastr nuget package:

Install-Package toastr

SP.UI.Notify in Modal Dialog

If you open a custom page (not a list item form) in a modal dialog, your notification won’t be shown. The reason is that the notification area (#notificationArea) is inside a hidden div (#s4-ribbonrow). To show this notificationArea we must display the notification area:

var $ribbon = jQuery("#s4-ribbonrow");
if ($":hidden")) {
	$ribbon.css({"min-height": 0, "height": "0px"})

Loading notification

When you load some data with ajax, you will probably want to show the users in some way, that data is loading. To show the text “loading…” would be enough. Another, very common way to do it to show a spinner, a rotating image. In sharepoint we can use the built-in gif which can be found in /_layouts/images/loading16.gif. Well, it is actually not so good, because this image is not so beautiful. A better way is to create your own gif image which is exactly suited for our needs. Or even better: don’t use any images. Use the light-weight javascript library called spin.js for creating spinners. It is fully customizable, compatible with older browsers. You can customize it interactively on the spin.js homepage.

var opts = {
  lines: 12, // The number of lines to draw
  length: 8, // The length of each line
  width: 5, // The line thickness
  radius: 10, // The radius of the inner circle
  color: '#000', // #rgb or #rrggbb
  speed: 1, // Rounds per second
  trail: 34, // Afterglow percentage
  shadow: false, // Whether to render a shadow
  hwaccel: false // Whether to use hardware acceleration
var target = document.getElementById('foo');
var spinner = new Spinner(opts).spin(target);
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