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Using javascript objects passed from closed popup

It is not a rocket science to pass objects from child window (popup) to main window. The problem I encountered today was IE and passing complex objects. So it is just an IE issue as far as I know. The problem occurs when you pass some object (not a simple String or Number) to main window:

window.opener.takeAnObjectFromChild = { 
      title: "Should even be available when I close the child" 

and you then close the child window, next time the main window tries to access the passed object:


you’ll get

The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call did not execute.

Sometimes you can get this error:

Can’t execute code from a freed script

Weird. I saw a solution which “serializes” the object before passing to the main window. But for complex object it would be more headache actually.

A better solution is actually to deep clone the object in the main window before closing the popup. If jQuery is there, just run jQuery.extend, like John Resig said 🙂:

window.myClonedObject = jQuery.extend(true, {}, window.takeAnObjectFromChild);

Clone javascript objects

In javascript, if we copy objects or their properties, the reference still remains and by changing the new object the old one is changed, too. To clone or do a clean copy of an object I found a very useful solution by Jan Turoň on StackOverflow:

Object.prototype.clone = function() {
  if(this.cloneNode) return this.cloneNode(true);
  var copy = this instanceof Array ? [] : {};
  for(var attr in this) {
    if(typeof this[attr] == "function" || this[attr]==null || !this[attr].clone)
      copy[attr] = this[attr];
    else if(this[attr]==this) copy[attr] = copy;
    else copy[attr] = this[attr].clone();
  return copy;

Date.prototype.clone = function() {
  var copy = new Date();
  return copy;

Number.prototype.clone = 
Boolean.prototype.clone =
String.prototype.clone = function() {
  return this;

Next: clone your objects if you pass them from a popup.

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