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Install a custom timer job in Powershell

First we have to create a class for our timer job which inherits SPTimerJobDefinition, build it and deploy it.

public class TakanaTimer : SPJobDefinition
	public TakanaTimer(){}
	public TakanaTimer(string jobName, SPService service,
		SPServer server, SPJobLockType targetType)
		: base(jobName, service, server, targetType) { }

	public TakanaTimer(string jobName, SPWebApplication webapp)
		: base(jobName, webapp, null, SPJobLockType.ContentDatabase)
		Title = jobName;
	public override void Execute(Guid contentDbId)
		Log.Info("Running Takana Timer");

There is a powershell example for this, but it has not been updated since MOSS.

In Powershell we need to load our custom assembly into powershell session:

$app = get-spwebapplication http://takana
$name = "takana-timer"
$job = new-object Takana.Sharepoint.Timer.TakanaTimer($name, $app)
$job.Schedule = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSchedule]::FromString("Every 15 minutes between 0 and 59")
#must restart timer service
restart-service sptimerv4

The cool thing here is also that we can create schedule from a text. The code is partially inspired by maraboustork

To remove a Timer Job, get the id of your timer job and run stsadm:

#Get the GUID of the timer job definition with the following cmdlet:
get-sptimerjob | sort-object -property Name | ft Name, Id
stsadm.exe -o deleteconfigurationobject -id

Or even better:

Get-SPTimerJob | where { $ -like “**” } |ft id,name
#Set job to a variable
$job = Get-SPTimerJob -id
#And delete it.

By the way, the whole list of ootb timers.


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