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Using SharePoint tooltips

I found a great post about using sharepoint tooltips on Andrey Markeev’s (@amarkeev, omlin) blog: JavaScript ToolTip’ы для SharePoint. He describes how he found the standard sharepoint tooltips and how they can be reused. The best part of it his “research”. Andrey’s conclusion is to create an own, simplified javascript class which enables “sharepoint” tooltips. I modified it somewhat. I think there is no need to instantiate a TooltipManager…

var Takana = window.Takana || {};
Takana.ToolTipManager = function () {

    var _divId = "my_tooltip";
    var _innerDivId = "my_tooltip_inner";

    function createTitleAndDescriptionHtml(title, description) {
        return String.format(

    function showTooltip(element, rawHtml) {

        var tooltipDiv = $get(_divId);
        if (tooltipDiv == null)
            tooltipDiv = createTooltip();

        $get(_innerDivId).innerHTML = rawHtml;

        displayTooltipNextToElement(tooltipDiv, element);

    function displayTooltipNextToElement(tooltipDiv, element) { = '';
        var loc = Sys.UI.DomElement.getLocation(element); = loc.x + 'px'; = loc.y + element.offsetHeight + 2 + 'px';

        if (tooltipDiv.curTimeout != null)

    function createTooltip() {
        var mainDiv = document.createElement('span') = _divId;
        mainDiv.className = 'ms-cui-tooltip'; = 'auto'; = 'absolute';

        var bodyDiv = document.createElement('div');
        bodyDiv.className = 'ms-cui-tooltip-body'; = 'auto';

        var innerDiv = document.createElement('div'); = _innerDivId;
        innerDiv.className = 'ms-cui-tooltip-glow'; = 'auto';




        return mainDiv;
    function hideDiv() {
        $get(_divId).style.display = 'none';

    var manager = {};
    manager.attachToolTip = function (element, title, description) {
        $addHandler(element, 'mouseover', function (e) { 
            showTooltip(element, createTitleAndDescriptionHtml(title, description)); 
        $addHandler(element, 'mouseout', hideDiv);

    manager.attachToolTipRaw = function (element, rawHtml) {
        $addHandler(element, 'mouseover', function (e) { 
            showTooltip(element, rawHtml); 
        $addHandler(element, 'mouseout', hideDiv);
    return manager;

Now a manager is created on a page per default. To add a tooltip, just use the TooltipManager:

Takana.ToolTipManager.attachToolTip($get('my_div'),'Help','Here comes help text!');

Actually, this has become an independent class. The only thing from SharePoint which is reused are the css classes. The outer div has to be absolute-positioned:

These are nice tooltips. The best thing with them they are automatically branded like the rest of the SharePoint.

This solution uses only the ASP.NET javascript functions for parsing, no jQuery dependency. But in most projects jQuery is used and if so rewriting it for jQuery will shrink the code. I’ll show it in an update of this post.


The code rewritten as jQuery extension for sharepoint-ish tooltips:

(function ($, undefined) {
    var sharepointTooltip = function(html) {
        var element = $(this),
            innerDiv = $("<div class='ms-cui-tooltip-glow' style='width:auto;'></div>")
            bodyDiv = $("<div class='ms-cui-tooltip-body' style='width:auto;'></div>")
            outerDiv = $("<span class='ms-cui-tooltip megler-tooltip' style='width: auto; position: absolute;'></span>")
	    showTooltip = function() {;
		  var elementOffset = element.offset(),
			elementWidth = element.width(),
			outerDivWidth = outerDiv.width(),
			leftDiff = elementOffset.left - outerDivWidth,
			showToLeft = leftDiff > 0,
			left = (showToLeft ? (leftDiff - 2) : (elementOffset.left + elementWidth + 15)) + 'px',
			top = + element.height() - outerDiv.height() + 'px';
		  outerDiv.css({ left: left, top: top });
	     hideDiv = function() {


            mouseover: showTooltip,
            mouseout: hideDiv
        sharepointTooltip: sharepointTooltip

An example of using it is:

var h = $("h1");



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